In the DanceZone – St Kilda Fest 2016

Mute Crew Melbourne DanceMute Crew
Rewind Dance Crew Passion StudioCollektiveRewind Dance Crew Passion StudioRewind Dance Crew

I can’t believe it’s already been six years of taking over the DanceZone at the iconic St Kilda Festival. This year our special guests were Mute Crew doing their special collab with Collektive and Kstar. We had a half hour slot from 5.30-6pm and it was so great dancing with the crew again and being able to give other dance crews of Melbourne to share their skills.

There’s always such a great atmosphere and an awesome crowd at St Kilda Fest It gets pretty crowded but the DanceZone area is always spacious and close to the different stage acts, food stalls and beach.

Rewind Dance Crew St Kilda Fest 2016Rewind Dance Crew ladies – Photos courtesy of Michael Kim. Thanks for taking such awesome pics!

Some behind the scenes pics!
  He was a little enthralled attending his first Rewind rehearsalAnd he was super excited that us big kids wanted to play with him and his monster trucks
  Always a monster truck in hand…and some food! Zumba fitness before our set – these Zumba ladies get the crowd going every single year!
  Kstar about to performOur little man wanted to get in on the action and showed his breakdancing moves for a good ten minutes!
  These two little guys chatting about important things like our performance…or food…or monster trucks! Before the show – pram in one hand, Mr D in the other. So happy that my family came out to support.Rewind mamas February 2016So excited for our first dance back from having our babies last year. In awe of these mamas for making to rehearsals and always being so energetic. Thanks for being so inspiring ladies!
Rewind mums and bubs St Kilda fest 2016St Kilda Fest Rewind Dance Crew Melbourne One huge happy family – missing a few dancers. Forever grateful for this bunch and our director Vince.

Move more, nourish your body

Lyle and Matt workshop

JT Dancers Workshop at Passion Studio
1/594 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

After listening to one of Michael Hyatt’s recent podcasts (Slay your Dragons before Breakfast), attending a conference in the Gold Coast, taking part in the Steptember Challenge and not fitting into a few of my work clothes (eeek!) I have been wanting to get back into the studio for some good old dance love.

I love the feeling of being surrounded by happy, active people. It always makes me feel so energized and inspired to just enjoy movement and music. I don’t think we were made to just sit and watch tv or lounge around, which don’t get me wrong, is totally what I need and crave sometimes! But sometimes it’s just getting up and being active gives you that thrilling rush. Whether you like to dance, run, surf, ski, ride, walk it doesn’t matter. Anything that gets your body moving will benefit your body, mind and soul. Last night was definitely no exception at the workshops of Lyle Beniga and Matt Aylward who are down in Australia for JT’s concert.

I missed out on the first class due to mummy duties but thankfully my wonderful sis was able to look after D so I made it to the second class. Even just by standing there watching and listening to the choreographers, you learn so much. It’s getting me more and more excited for this year’s ADCC finals in November (tickets available on Moshtix).

Hope everyone can make it down to MOD tonight for the second lot of classes this time with Lyle and Ivan Koumaev. Last night it was a full house at Passion Studios so make sure you get in early! See Triple8Funk here for more info.

What gets your body moving? And if you do like to walk or run, let me know where! – I can always use some new places to see 🙂

Happy hump day everyone!

This is the routine Matt taught last night. Super fun! Thanks so much Matt! Subscribe. Like. Comment!

Check out Lyle’s channel for more amazingness. Subscribe. Like. Comment!

And finally got to meet and watch Ivan dance live. Here’s a clip of one of his pieces from SYTYCD awhile back now from Season 2 with Alison

We are so blessed to be able to take class and enjoy dance. There are many others who don’t get that same opportunity. If you would like to help those with cerebal palsy I am currently completing the Steptember Challenge with some work colleagues. Cerebal Palsy is a physical disability that affects a person’s body movement and their muscle coordination, balance and control. See here if you would like to help our team out or find out more information.

The Urban Ma Steptember

#FBF – My first dance performance post partum

rewind at St Kilda Festdance pic

So I found this post while cleaning up my drafts folder and I can’t believe I hadn’t published it!

These pics are from Sunday Feb 10th 2013, my first time performing again with Rewind Dance Crew after giving birth to Daniel.

It may not seem like that big a deal but for me it was a goal I had as soon as I found out I was pregnant!

And it was a lot of work.

I was exclusively breastfeeding at the time and the hubby and I had just started to get our sleep back when rehearsals began. It was worth all the effort in timing feeds, late night rehearsals and sweating my butt off to see smiles on the crowd’s faces again and share good times with these crazy cats.

IMG_1519 I love performing and Rewind has taught me so many things and really gave me the chance to come out of my shell (would you believe that I was the most shyest person on the planet before Rewind came along? And that may even be an understatement!).

I hope that one day if any of my kids are interested in dancing they’ll be lucky enough to be part of a positive and friendly crew they can share many exciting experiences with.IMG_1527IMG_1532

So grateful for this hands on hubby 🙂

This year’s St Kilda Fest will be on Sunday 14th of February and Rewind will again be taking over the DanceZone bringing you some new sets and performances by some of Melbourne’s finest dance crews.

The event is free and kid friendly so mark your calendars and we hope to see you there!

Check out these other dance posts to get you in the mood to boogie on a Friday night! Here we back up danced for some Filipino artistas and here we had one of the most fun nights out with the outrageously Jabbawockeez.

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Throwback Thursdays – A night with the Jabbawockeez

Jacqui on stage at Festival Hall MelbourneIMG_8070IMG_3589IMG_3597
IMG_8129Joe LarotIMG_8153IMG_8152IMG_8176IMG_8182IMG_8184
On centre stage at the Festival Hall in Melbourne 2009, group shot before the show, Rewind performing to warm up the crowd before the Jabbawockeez, group shot (both alchy and pic!) at Eve nightclub, chillin’, a messy end to an awesome night

The Jabbawockeez in Melbourne

Thought I’d post up a dance related entry for #tbt this week instead of a travel related one just to mix things up a little! 🙂 The legendary Jabbawockeez held a one night only show in Melbourne in September 2009. It was so amazing to see them create magic on stage interpreting music through dance. Rewind performed as a front act and after the show we partied it up at Eve night club. It’s so inspiring to see a crew still dancing together after all these years and keepin’ it fresh!

And while we’re on the topic of dance, Rewind is starting off 2013 with appearances this weekend at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Richmond and next month at the huge annual St Kilda Fest! Our Facebook page is linked on the right so click “like” to keep up to date 🙂

Mummy Mondays – Rewind Generation Next!

Rewind Generation NextCamilla & RhodriHashieRhodriSusieCamillaRhodrime with RhodriRewind’s 2012 babies’ playtime

Generation Next 

Last week I got together with fellow dance mates and their gorgeous, little bundles of joy for an afternoon of playtime fun! Lots of sleeping, eating and tumbling around! Do I sense a Rewind “Gen II” dance crew in the works!?

From late night dance rehearsals at the studio to chilled out play sessions in an air-conditioned house. What a change of scenery the past few weeks have opened my eyes to! I have been experiencing so many “firsts” in these first 5 weeks of baby’s life and it is so wonderful to be able to share and trade tips with friends going through the same things! And by reaching the 4 week mark, we finally started venturing out of the house and into the world.

A week of firsts!

– first outing without daddy, filled my first bottle with EBM, Mummy and Daddy’s first night out together, first time sucking boogers out of baby’s nose (sorry about the language! ha! Poor bubba sounded like it was so hard to breathe), first time going out in a top without needed to wear a bra (just breast pads LOL!), first visit to Daddy’s office, first time wearing super high heels again (I had to stop wearing heels towards the end of my pregnancy), first time making a chocolate ripple cake, first time taking Lando for a walk after giving birth, first time having only one sip of Rekorderlig, first time having coffee again after 9 months, first time having sushi, a McDonald’s sundae and brie!, first time feeling the most purest form of love in the world. Phew! – looks like last weeks was a pretty busy week and I’m definitely feeling it now this Monday morning!

Joining the 30’s club this year, I never thought I’d experience so many firsts! Just another one of the joys of having new life in the family – it makes you experience everything again as if it were your first time! 🙂 Amazing!

Wong Daddy’s hotpot!

Alyssahome made fish ballshot pot dinner partyWong Daddy with Camilla IMG_0315

Alyssa and I, homemade fish balls, okra, tofu and meat, Steve with Camilla, the hotpot spread

Foodie Friday! – a hotpot dinner party!

Normally I would post a foodie entry from a restaurant/eatery I have visited but the star of this Foodie Friday’s blog entry is a delicious dinner party at the Wong residence.

A few months ago I went to a friend’s house for a catch up and he wowed us all with his hotpot spread! It was the perfect dinner party – good company, good conversation, a comfortable setting and amazing food! There was an abundance of seafood and meat and I even ate heaps of okra (I never used to like okra)! The home made fish balls were a highlight!! Thank you Mr Wong! 🙂

What is your favourite dish to serve at a dinner party with friends?

Travel Tuesdays – Yarrawonga Mulwala

A year ago Rewind was invited to the towns of Yarrawonga and Mulwala to do a dance tour of the primary and secondary schools in the area. The town residents were so welcoming and we had a blast teaching them. You can see pics of the classes on the Rewind blog here.

With great weather and great company, we spent our down time relaxing by the lake and trying out the water activities. It was so much fun and hopefully this year we’ll be back again for more!

Yarrawonga is around 3 and a half hours drive from Melbourne situated in north Victoria across the Murray River from the New South Wales town of Mulwala. The original aboriginal inhabitants of the area were the Pangerang Tribe and named the area. “Yarra” means “water running over rocks” and “wonga” was named after the “wonga pigeon”. Mulwala means big lagoon or big back water.