Backseat Selfies

Mummy selfiePooface Daniel with Santa

Last, last week mummy and daddy took me to get my first ever photo with Santa. Mummy seemed to be very happy with daddy’s workplace for organising free Santa photos for staff members and their children! Daddy seemed very proud too! I met daddy’s boss and she was really lovely and kind!

On the way to daddy’s work mummy and I got busy taking selfies while daddy made his way through the morning Westgate traffic. Mummy kept taking photos of me as she thought I was making some “Zoolander” face? I’ve never heard of such a thing as “Blue Steel” – I was merely doing my poo’s. Mummy seemed to love it though so I kept it up for her lol!! I thought she was making me rehearse for my photoshoot with Santa but when we got there it was just the normal front portrait shot – no posing or fancy lighting or action shots…so here you see they got me whilst yawning! 😀

I hope you are all having fun preparing for Christmas and enjoying spending time with your families! Go easy in the shopping centres when present shopping and don’t forget to watch out for the mummies with prams!! – if it gets too much of  hassle to shop with us babies then they might leave us at home! 😉

Baby D