Work lunch #14 – Lunch date with Mr Nice Guy


Mr Nice Guy Healeys Lane, Melbourne

Only a few weeks left until I start parental leave so the hubby and I decided to have a lunch date. After exploring the area with a friend yesterday, I wanted to check out more of Healey’s Lane so we met up there.

There are quite a few eateries to choose from with Korean, Thai and Vietnamese options well represented, although some were closed opening only during dinner time.

We settled on eating Thai at the place with the colorful door – Mr Nice Guy.

We ordered:
Chicken Pad Thai (the hubby said it was nice and saucy! Almost liked it as much as our fav pad Thai dish from Yim Yam in Yarraville)

Khao Kra Pao stir fried minced beef, green beans, brown onions, chilli, basil leaf, garlic and fried egg. The mince was super tasty and the green beans crunchy. Great dish!)

Jasmine tea

Busy with the lunch time crowd, this place makes good use of colour and texture with its cheerful decor. We arrived there at 12pm with the place being pretty empty but within 30mins all the tables were full with people also eagerly placing their take away orders

Fast and on point – I asked for them to cook the yolk well done and they served it up just right fully cooked through

We’ll definitely explore more of Healey’s lane in the coming weeks 🙂


Longrain with my mamma girlfriends

IMG_8022[1] IMG_8023[1]

Longrain Melbourne – 44 Little Bourke street

Sometimes all you need is to get away for dinner and drinks with your girlfriends to talk, vent, relax, listen and unwind.

People who understand what its like to be run off your feet trying to juggle the demands of family, household, full time work and a marriage and still try to look appealing and energetic…

Seems like Thai is always the go-to cuisine for catch ups as I remember going out to one of the Thai restaurants down Keilor Road and observing that about 95% of the patrons were made up of females catching up with their girlfriends, mums, daughters etc! Lol!

It was my first time at Longrain and we ordered the banquet menu with an additional dish.

Favorite dish:
The caramelized pork hock, five spice, chilli vinegar


Loved the interior of this place. I remember thinking as soon as I walked in that it would an awesome venue to hire out for a 30th birthday or some sort of occassion. Long communal tables for groups and smaller tables next to the windows for a group of 4 like us.

Our banquet menu was $65 and required a minimum of 4 people. Good sized dishes and a great tasting plate for dessert!

Bookings for dinner are only for larger groups. As were we weren’t in any rush, it was actually nice to take a seat at the side bar which served good drinks a yummy starters and we were able to chatter away. However if you are the type of person that likes to make reservations for dinner just come in early when it opens and you’ll be sure to grab a table. They fill up pretty quickly though!


If you want to check out some great Thai eateries you can find some more blog posts here, here and here!

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Work lunch #3 How do you eat Asian food without any cutlery? Here’s how!


Thaiger – Gourmet Thai Burgers
Shop 16, The Walk Arcade, Melbourne

We took a tram up from work to check out the burger place with unusually dark buns. The chips were seasoned nicely and we could smell those distinct Thai flavours I love so much as our burgers were served to us.

We were lucky to snag one of the 3 little tables outside this place, the latest offering from the owners of Fomo (we love their roast pork with 3 different condiments). I opted for the fish burger as I had eaten so much meat on the weekend and it was a nice light burger with robust flavour. It filled me up even without a side of chips – my friend and I shared his fries.

You may think “Not another burger joint” but we welcome their concept of fusing Thai dishes with burgers so that you can enjoy Asian cuisine without having to use any cutlery! Tom yum on the go, nice one. 😉

I was surprised that even though we visited during what I thought would be the lunch hours rush, we didn’t have to wait long for our orders (must’ve been the wet Melbourne weather. Score!). With friendly service and the sauces bursting with flavour we sat satisfied with our burgers, though my friend mentioned that he would’ve liked to see a more even soft-shell crab to bun ratio. Other than that we enjoyed lunch and the friendly service and will definitely be back to try more!

We ordered:

Plaaaaa Burger – crispy crumbed fish with sweet sliced pineapple, onion, capsicum and sweet and sour mayo

“Pou nim” Black Burger – crispy soft shell crab, Granny Smih Asian slaw and sweet and tangy dressing with chips and a bottle of water

There are also salads available and sweet potato fries for those who are looking for alternatives to the burgers.

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Yim Yam in Yarraville

IMG_0442 IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448

IMG_0452 IMG_0454 IMG_0456 IMG_0457 IMG_0458

Yim Yam Yarraville – 40A Ballarat st, Yarraville 9687-8585

Thai Laos Cuisine

After finding out Pok Pok in the Docklands was closed, a friend from the other side of the bridge asked for recommendations on good Thai places for our weeknight catch up. Yim Yam Yarraville came to mind as it is not too far for them to travel and I adore their dishes – especially the toasted rice and coconut salad! There were 6 of us dining in so we were able to order quite a few dishes to taste as much of the huge menu as we could!

Yim Yam’s menu is quite lengthy and after having eaten here a few times with experienced Yim- Yammers we took our Eastsider buddies on a gastronomical tour of Thai Laos cuisine! I’m excited to say they loved it so much that they ordered takeaway for later! 🙂 If you haven’t been here before dive into the menu and don’t be afraid to take a risk and order something you aren’t familiar with! – you will be rewarded with a tasty, new discovery 😉

Here are the dishes we ordered:

Seared chicken satay skewers ($7.90) These were so good we were eating the leftover satay sauce with spoons!

– Marinated Grilled Chicken with Chilli Tamarind Dip (Guy yang gup jaow mark kham) ($15.90) First time trying this dish and I loved it! Full of flavour and slightly tangy, perfect with rice.

Pad Thai Chicken ($14.90) – the tastiest pad thai I’ve had yet! So saucy!!!!!

– Toasted Rice & Coconut Salad ($13.50) Love this light, crunchy dish.

Tom Yum, prawn ($8.50)

– Massaman Curry (gang mutsamun) ($13.90)

Thai Fried Rice, chicken ($11.90)

– Thai Milk Tea

Just a word of warning – stick to the mains! After enjoying and being wowed by our entrees and main dishes, you should’ve seen the deflated look on our faces when our desserts landed on the table. What a way to end an evening. No need for words, just take a look at the photos below…

If you are looking to get dessert, the pandan crepes were probably the least disappointing out of the mixed berry crumble & coconut ice cream wafers that we ordered. Or better yet just get a chocolate sundae from McDonald’s on your way home.

We left baby at home with the grandparents because this place is very tightly packed with no room for prams. They recently opened up and took over the space next door but if you choose to dine in make sure you book in advance! All in all the desserts haven’t deterred me – Yim Yam is one of my favourite Thai restaurants and their specialty dishes are worth coming back for.

IMG_0460 IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0463 IMG_0464

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August Catch Up’s #1!


Have got a few catch up’s lined up this week so I’ll update this post as they come about 🙂 For now here’s a pic to relate to.

First catch up of the week was a Yim Yam in  Yarraville with the girls I have known the longest – my high school friends Mel, Sez & Trang 🙂 I am so grateful for their loyalty and friendship. It never ceases to amaze me that after all these years and such different paths we hold nothing back when we catch up! – we talk about anything from religion to relationships, babies and work and everything in between! They help me stay grounded by keeping me focused on the most important things in life. Check out Mel’s blog – Path of Illumination for articles on spiritual growth, parenting and sustainable living.

Yim Yam’s Pad Thai

Yim Yam’s Putt Grapow (basil stir fry)

Yim Yam’s special of the night – Lemongrass grilled pork with chilli ginger sauce (favourite alert!)

Thai in the wild, wild West

With my first ever taste of Thai cuisine beginning several years ago at a little but well-known eatery on Lygon street, I have recently been pleasantly surprised in finding some great little Thai places in Melbourne’s wild wild Western suburbs! After eating at over a dozen Thai restaurants around Melbourne and Thailand (Bangkok & Phuket), I can safely say that Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines.

The beginning – Ying Thai 2, 110 Lygon St, Carlton

Ying Thai 2’s Larb Ped, a roast duck salad with spring onion, onion, chilli & ground rice. The sauce all over this mouth-watering dish is drink-worthy!

Yum Sam Grop – ahhh the must have dish every time I eat here – Crispy pork skin & seafood salad with cashews and a sweet chilli sauce. YUM!

Tom Yum – does this dish even need a description? I can affectionately say that this is the dish that I suffered the hot chilliness for just in order to consume it! Even as a former employee at Nando’s, I was never able to eat any foods with chilli in it – lemon & herb was enough for me. One fateful girly catch up, my dear high school friends booked Ying Thai 2 as our meeting place and since then I have never looked back. Chilli all the way please! This tom yum soup is just bursting with that sweet and sour flavour that instantly makes my mouth water every time I think of it. Thank you Ying Thai 2 (and Mel, Sarah & Trang) for introducing me to the Thai cuisine & again widening my palette experiences.

Don’t let the fluoro green walls and colourful decor fool you – this place has seriously good Thai flavours!

P.S Another dish I like at Ying Thai 2 is the mild curry Gang Panang.
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2) The best in the West – Caroline Thai, Shop 9 Caroline Springs Shopping Central, Caroline Springs Boulevard
After entertaining myself with the Urbanspoon app whilst waiting for husband to finish his dj set, I found that Caroline Thai was one of the only Thai restaurants listed on the app in the Brimbank area – I had to try it. First trip there the tom yum was great! Second time, the tom yum was just a tad bit too bland for my liking. Third time luck, husband and I had found our favourite dishes on the Caroline Thai menu, and the tom yum this time did not disappoint. Service is always friendly and efficient. The decor is cozy and the crockery has its own little cute touches. And the background music has a nice relaxing feel to it that reminds of the various day spa appointments we had on Phi Phi Island during our honeymoon stay. And now for our favourites!:

Tom Yum – I try this dish at every Thai place we eat at just to set the standard for the rest of what we think the quality of the meals will be.

Golden Nest – the crowd favourite. A pork and seafood dish sitting on a “nest” of dried fried noodles. Absolute genius!

Moo Yang BBQ – Grilled pork with Thai herbs. So much flavour and because we ordered way more than our tummies could handle, we took this home & had it with steamed rice the next day – JACKPOT! It was so good, hit the spot hard! Definitely having this dish again. Worth going back for. Reminded me just a little bit of a sweeter version of Filipino bbq skewers/tocino! Now that’s flavour for you.
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Now as it is getting late, I’ll post about the newly opened Bangkok Kitchen (Carinlea) and the popular Keilor Road restaurants Saowadee & Krabi Thai soon! ‘Til then please feel free to leave comments & if you have any suggestions on more great Thai eateries please let me know! Catch you later.


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