Fusion lunch at Chu ManChu


Chumanchu – Cafe and Restaurant
2/4 Gilbert st, Preston

I’ve never really ventured out to eat in this side of town. My grandma, aunty and uncle live just off High street but since they’re such great bakers and really know how to smash out a spectacular home-cooked meal, we hardly need to check out the eateries in this area.

So when I had the chance to check out this Asian fusion place just off Bell street I was really excited (thanks for taking us out to this place Doan!). The collaboration between Nursing Mamas and Elk Accessories was the reason we took over one corner of this wonderfully styled restaurant. We sat down at the end of an all morning photo session to a fragrant and colorful spread of Asian dishes and can I just say straight out that the chicken satay skewers and its sauce were absolutely amazing! It was either that or I was just so hungry hehe! But seriously the satay sauce was a perfect blend of flavors that I wish they sold jars of them – I would’ve bought a whole box!

We Ordered:

– Fresh house made Rice Paper Rolls (we had the vegetarian and pork and prawn ones)
– Satay Chicken skewers served with Asian herbs and house made satay sauce (Oh so freakin’ good!)
– Vietnamese Spring Rolls
– Cappucino and Vietnamese iced coffee (the hubby had had two cappucinos! Must’ve been some smooth coffee)
– Com Tam Broken rice with grilled lamb steaks, marinated in lemongrass, Asian spices and topped with fried egg and Vietnamese kim chi
– Pho Viet rice noodle soup for the soul with free range chicken
– Warm black sticky rice with shaved coconut, milk and papaya (this looked so pretty and tasted just as nice! I’ll definitely be ordering this dessert when we visit this place again)

There are lots of other options on the menu such as green lentil dahl, Japanese okonomiyaki panckes and bircher muesli and other breakfast stars. Chumanchu is both stylish and welcoming at the same time. Perfect for a family lunch date, a romantic date or a coffee catch up with fellow mama friends. It is also kid-friendly and has a kids menu with lots of space for parents with prams to move around.



FOMO – Melbourne Mondays






FOMO Thai, um Ped Krob, Crying Tiger, Moo Krob Tod

FOMO Thai – 171 Bourke st, Melbourne

Sorry for the late Monday post! I’ve had no net access at the apartment so I wasn’t able to schedule today’s post for the normal morning time. Better late than never though right?

Last week we were finally able to catch a table at FOMO Thai and the staff were friendly and helped us arrange the baby and the pram so we could dine comfortably. We sat near the kitchen and the wafting aroma made us order 3 dishes in a hurry! – it all smelt so good! The place has a very modern interior including it’s tableware – no jade green plates and saucers to be found here. Clean, fresh and crisp.

We ordered the Thai style crispy duck salad and for those that need a little help eating their veggies, this is a great salad to seduce your tastebuds! We also ordered the char grilled beef tenderloin medium rare served with tangy dipping sauce. The meat was so tender and was complemented nicely by the dipping sauce that came with it. Our third dish was the roasted pork bellies servied with 3 speciality condiments, definitely not for those who are on a diet but a must-try anyway because of the amazing crackling that is on offer with every piece you eat. Perfectly crunchy.

This place hasn’t been open for very long but if you want to check it out make sure you either make a booking or come in early so that you get a seat because it is always a full house at FOMO.