Mama Mondays – 6 months post partum

6 months with Hannah

Mama Mondays – 6 months post partum update

Height/Weight: We put Hannah on the scales yesterday and it said she was weighing 7.9kg. Not sure if that’s right because she feels so much more heavier now and I just looked back at last month’s update and it said she was 7.7kg at 5 months. Not sure how long she is but her size 00 onesies are starting to get really tight on her especially at her feet! I have now started taking out the size 0 onesies for her to wear so her toes are not cramped.
I’m sitting at 63.4kg this month and after going to my first ever body building event to support a friend on the weekend, I feel like I really need to get started on exercising more regularly and not just saying I will.

Routine/Sleep: Hannah has three naps a day – a short one at around 10am or so, a long nap from around 1pm to around 3pm if I’m lucky and then another really short nap around 4:30pm. She still isn’t sleeping straight through the night and wakes a few times but then goes back to sleep after a few minutes. I still can’t wait for at least one night where I can sleep straight through a few hours.

Eating/Feeding: Hannah is now eating pureed food three times a day at breakfast, lunch and dinner. She gets really angry if I don’t have any prepared for her and she’ll want more than just breastmilk! She’s slowly starting to eat more food than she pushes out with her tongue. So far she’s liked everything we’ve given her…lots of fruits and veggies.Hannah 6 months old

Milestones: Hannah can now sit up unaided for a little while and will no longer fall left or right but will fall backwards, so I still need to make sure I’m around so that she doesn’t hit her head. She’s also sitting in her high chair now and I just can’t believe how quickly time has flown by and how strong her neck and back have gotten!
Hannah seems to be developing a really loud voice…it’s not a tiny little sound but a big sound that comes out when she’s wanting attention, bored or angry! Her colourful personality is really coming out now and is sometimes a little diva-ish – I don’t remember Daniel being like that at all!
We’ve been our first few fishing trips with her and Daniel lately as the hubby and my cousins are all starting to get into it now. We’ve been setting up one of those easy fold out tents and while Daddy and the rest of the cousins fish, Hannah I have been watching them from inside the tent and she’s been loving it! On the weekend we had the most delicious lunch of just fried fish that they caught, and fresh eggplants, green chillis and cumquats from our backyards. Partnered with rice and some dipping sauces made of fish sauce and the cumquats and chillis, we all ate so much it tasted so good. I posted a video of the lunch on my Snapchat and have been posting daily vlogs on there now for around three weeks straight – I’m finding it’s a great way to journal our days. My username is @jacq-fruit if you’re bored and want to see what we get up to 🙂

6 months front view The Urban Ma post partum updatesSorry for the messy morning hair and lack of make up! – I had to get the hubby to take a pic in the morning before he went to work because it gets dark so early these days so by the time he gets home from work, the sun is almost gone! My eczema on my tummy that flared up really bad last month is slowly getting better and I’m getting less irritated. I’ve been really trying to drink loads of water lately and getting as much sleep as is possible when you’re a mum of two little ones.
6 months side view pregnancy updates I still have a few stretch marks on the front of my belly and on the sides as you can see here. I haven’t been as diligent massaging body lotion and oil this time as I was after I gave birth to Daniel! Whoops! Obviously I’m not too fussed though…there have been more important things keeping my mind occupied these days…Hannah colourful at 6 monthsArgghhhh that smile just gets me every time!

I also attended a few exciting events in the past month and if you want to check them out, I post daily on my Instagram account. Thanks also for all your comments and for sharing one of the recent posts I wrote about advice from my mum. If you missed it you can read it here. Let me know if you would like more of these type of posts…I normally just write them in my journal but if it helps you at all then I can type it up here on the blog as well!

Hope you’re having a great week so far.


Travel Thursdays – Island Dreaming Part 1

Phi Phi Island tour
Phi Phi Island resort villa
Our own private villa amongst the tropical and tranquil surroundings

Phi Phi Island Phuket The Urban Ma travel blog
he official scent of our honeymoon was that of the simple frangipani. They were everywhere on the grounds including in our hotel room in the most unexpected places (see next week’s post!)


This week’s #tbt is Phi Phi Island resort which was our first stop on our honeymoon.
Far away from the hustling streets of Phuket, we were greeted by a cool pina colada, minus the alcohol, and spent blissful days and nights together devouring the local cuisine. One of the most memorable things we did was to indulge ourselves in deep massages, milk baths, facials and foot spas. We went through almost the entire spa menu while on our stay at Phi Phi Island Resort and with each treatment, their attention to detail was so on point. From the moment we were picked up from our villa by the resort buggy, relaxing herbal teas awaited us and soothing hair and scalp treatments, plus fresh tropical fruit concluded each spa experience.

I can’t wait to go back.

IMG_0162 spa menu Phi Phi Island Thailand The Urban Ma
It’s all in the little details. They sure know how to make your skin and body feel relaxed a luxurious

PHi Phi island resort spa timeSpa Phi Phi Island The Urban Ma travel blogger
With each treatment they braided up my hair and covered us in floral wraps.Phi Phi island resort show
Entertainment during our dinner each night

The Urban Ma travel lifestyle blogger Melbourne
hi Phi Island Resort – so glad our friends recommended it.

Saturday Styling – Cozy in our winter knits 

Winter warmers OOTD

This photo was taken on Mothers Day 🙂 Even though it’s only autumn, Melbourne has truly embraced the cooler seasons with so many days already being cold enough to really rug up with not just layers, but thick layers.

Chunky winter knits and comfy boots are our pick f

or the winter months this year and here’s what the family and I are loving right now.

Master D wears:
– blue shirt and knitted sweater from H&M
– Bottoms from Rhubard
– Converse All Stars from Platypus

Ma wears:
– black singlet from Cotton On (this has lasted me ages and still shows no signs of pilling! – great bargain buy!)
– black leggings from Cotton On Body
– chunky, cozy, warm, winter knit from Valley Girl, Emporium
– comfy ankle boots from Spendless

Life Lately #9 – Lunches and laughter


2015/02/img_9963.jpgLunches and laughter

Found in my drafts folder and before I post a more updated “Life Lately” post, thought I’d get this one up to remember the warmer days before the recent grey and wet Melbourne weather set in!

First time cooking paella and it was a hit! – Beach time with Daniel – lots of work lunches with blog friends and work mates, gotta love working in this area of Melbourne’s CBD! Check out some of my work lunch haunts here, here and here! #worklunch – attended a bloggers catch up about the recent Dubai trip some of them were lucky enough to go on – treated my parentals to the Paul Simon and Sting concert – the two little cousins are starting to interact more and more with each other. It’s so cute to watch a bond start to grow between them.

That’s all for now! Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve been battling an extremely sore throat and can smell nothing but lemon and menthol lately ugghh 🙁 xx

Big Design Market – Melbourne Dec 2014

 IMG_7723 IMG_7677

A collection of happy snaps from last night’s trip to the Big Design Market.

Every stall was so pretty I had to stop at every single one! So lovely to talk to these passionate people and with such beautiful work I just had to follow quite a few of them on Instagram! 🙂

Hope you guys can visit the Big Design Market this weekend and find some wonderful little treasures of your own to take home to your loved ones.

IMG_7679 IMG_7680 IMG_7689 IMG_7690 IMG_7693 IMG_7697 IMG_7699 IMG_7701 IMG_7704 IMG_7707 IMG_7711The Urban Ma Aacute Big Design Market

Mummy Mondays – 5 tips for a beautiful Saturday stroll

The Urban Ma Williamstown tennisCrowded House coffee Williamstown

Saturdays in Spring 

 Saturday morning music lessons in Williamstown followed by a coffee from Crowded House and a stroll down to the tennis courts. This has been our Saturday morning ritual the past several weeks and with the sun shining so brilliantly yesterday we took D around to the other side of the bay. Airplanes, skaters, bicycles, sand, people. waves, motorbikes and cars were just some of the words our little man proclaimed loud and proud as a myriad of activities unfolded in front of him. It’s so beautiful seeing how much D appreciates and is amazed by the simple things. It was also helpful parking far from the main area as it helped me reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps for my Steptember challenge before it even hit 1pm 🙂 Walking and taking in the sights of the St Kilda area was a perfect way to spend and make the most of a sunny Melbourne spring day.

Crowded House on Urbanspoon
Crowded House Williamstown The Urban MaWalking DWilliamstown view of MelbourneThe picturesque view of Melbourne city from Williamstown

Williamstown MelbourneSt Kilda beach
The Urban Ma at RepublicaSoothing outdoor swingtime with Baby D
Lunch with DThe chicken and corn pizza special with chipotle mayo. The roasted beetroot, pumpkin and lentils with goats cheese was divine!

Republica St Kilda Beach on Urbanspoon
the Urban Ma blog RepulicaThe Urban Ma outdoor funAt first he was unsure. It didn’t take too long til he was enjoying the sand in between his toes and running around trying to use the shovels, buckets and trucks that some other kids were playing with. Note to self – keep some beach toys in the car from now on!

D at St Kilda BeachThe Republica St KildaVictoria Gardens, RichmondAfter beach time, it was home decor shopping at Ikea. We didn’t even get up the stairs when Baby D started squealing “Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen!!!”. I LOVE seeing him get so excited

Note to self for sunny Saturdays in spring:

1) Bring a spare pair of shorts and thongs for playing in the beach
2) Bring some beach toys for D to play with in the sand
3) Always bring a water bottle and some snacks
4) Always carry a scarf and warm cardigan (Melbourne’s sun can be deceiving – it got a bit chilly under the shade while we were having lunch, no wonder all the tables in the sun were full!)
5) Enjoy the simple things – the crisp, fresh air, the sights, a leisurely stroll