Mummy Mondays – 19 month update

Daniel and the kangaroo Daniel & the Delorean

My 19 month old cutie patootie!

19 months old! – where did the time go? I know you probably always hear parents say that but it’s so true! Just yesterday it felt like I was taking Baby D (ok I gotta find a new name for him since he’s not a baby anymore) to the obstetrician for our 6 week check up and now he’s almost 2!! I originally started writing his updates and milestones in a little notebook with a cross-stitched bear I stuck on the front but I think I’ll just post them up here from now on as it’s easier to upload photos than to print them out and scrapbook them into a journal.

Favourite toys/games: Baby D is obsessed with cars, basketballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls, motorbikes and trains at the moment. Thomas is the first toy he’s actually held for hours without letting go. It’s so cute to watch him concentrate so much pushing Thomas around and around his wooden track (we bought him a starter pack from My Kids Emporium, see post here). He also got a little excited about the Delorean he got to ride on set at the video shoot for the 2014 Australian Dance Crew Championship’s showreel (post on that will be up this week). Daniel loves getting chased while someone is holding him and squeals with laughter at the thought of getting caught. D-man loves watching Cars and even knows some of the lines before Lightning McQueen says them!

Favourite food: Everything at the moment! Especially cheese and all different Filipino ulams! There is nothing really that D-train doesn’t like except for olives – but at dinner tonight he actually ate one and didn’t spit it out like the first time he had it. Rice, stews, fruits, ice cream, bread, yoghurt, D-man will eat the lot! It’s so much easier to go out with him as I no longer have to pack sterilised, pureed baby food like I had to do several months ago.

Sleeping: Cutie patootie is still co-sleeping with us in a huge king size bed and especially with these winter nights, it so nice snuggling up next to him. We will start though, to re-arrange his room a little to try and get him sleeping in there by removing the cot and setting up a single mattress on the floor like this cute room I found on Instagram via @melbgirlandbaby.Room Inspo

Activities: Daniel san has been out and about enjoying the crisp outdoors on our trip to Ballarat WildLife Park. He loved the sun and the rides at the Gold Coast and he even stared in awe at the paintings and musicians at NGV’s 2014 autumn/winter feature – The Italian Masterpieces. Toddler D loves going to Ikea and playing with the wooden kitchen and all the puzzle toys and spends ages on the train set table at the toys stores. Last term we went to Mini Maestros and we might go back again next term – Daniel loves music and dancing so I think it’ll fun for him!

Potty Training: We haven’t started strict potty training with the little guy but he will tell us when he wants to do a poo..uhhh most of the time! We bought him a little training toilet seat from Toys R’ Us with little ducks on it to make life easier. What age do toddler’s normally stop using nappies?

Talking: D-star is such a little chatterbox! – he’s gone from joining 2 syllable words to now 3 syllables and even joining words together to make sentences like “Hello Daddy” and some other phrases in Tagalog. He loves his aunty and follows her when she tells him to demonstrate different emotions like laughing and crying – maybe he’ll be a little actor when he grows up? 🙂
Teeth: Toddler D has been teething lately with both his canines cutting through over the weekend and even one of his first molars showing. No wonder he’s had a runny nose and been very sooky lately 🙁 No sleep for him or us!

It’s such a fun time for our little man and he is constantly enthralled by the world around him. Everyday there is always something new that he gets excited about, it’s so cute!! Btw, did any of those nicknames above sound catchy to you? How did you get your nickname or come up with one for your friends, or kids?

Hope you’ve had a great start to the week!

Daniel & the boysDaniel at Ikea Daniel giggling Daniel in GC Daniel in QLD IMG_4883

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