FreshChilliDeli Sundays

A Sunday staple for us – Viet rolls & coffee from Fresh Chilli Deli! Such cheap bbq pork rolls served so quickly.
I never really thought of Sunshine’s Hampshire road as a place to find good places to eat until recently. This main road actually has a good choice of cheap, family-friendly restaurants and also 3 bakeries that serve Vietnamese rolls. Fresh Chilli Deli is so far the one that has the most efficient service, serving me my order before I even have time to put my change away. The pork roll, chicken roll and mixed ham rolls are our favourites, and we always order them with a hot combination bun & coffee. The smooth textured & rich tasting mugs of caffeine served at FCD are good enough to rival and, even better than most of the so-called cafe’s in the city (except for St Ali’s, that’s still my fave). A must-try in the West. Ahhhhh, a great lazy Sunday lunch! Speaking of which, I need to get my VRC (Viet Rolls & Coffee) hit right now! Catch you soon.

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