The animals are ALIVE at Watergardens – Free school holiday fun!

Easter school holidays edit
School holiday fun this April
This time of year is always one of my favourite long weekends as I get to spend time with family and also to reflect on the new gift of chance we have been given.
This year we attended special masses all week and Daniel also made his first Easter hat for their Easter hat parade at his childcare centre. He was so excited and proud to show his grandparents his creation and it was a nice opportunity for us to do some crafting together at home 🙂
For those of you who still haven’t been on the animal adventure at Watergardens, make sure you head down there for some free family fun! You can also snap a photo with a panda, create your own animal mask and win an overnight stay at the wonderful Werribee Zoo!
Watergardens in the newsanimals at Watergardens
“These school holidays, don’t miss out on seeing the first ever Animal Adventure Animatronic Display at Watergardens!  
The display, features lions, tigers, zebras, macaws and, gorillas, to name just a few, is a fun-filled way for children and adults to learn more about these intriguing animals. You will have the opportunity to get close to a zebra’s stripes, hear a lion roar, spot a giraffe standing tall, see the sparkle in a tiger’s eye, and listen to the calls of macaws and much more.

In addition to the animatronic display, Watergardens Town Centre will host an animal craft workshop, where children can let their creative side go wild, and make their own animal mask to take home. There will also be an animal cookie decorating workshop, as well as an opportunity to take a photo up close and personal with a panda.”

Mummy Mondays – Lego Brick Zone


Lego Brick Zone Preview event – Watergardens Town Centre Monday 23rd June – Sunday 13th July, 2014

 It was a bit of a hard gig trying to get up Sunday morning after an intense but fun Saturday night (see here) but it was worth it. The hubby, Toddler D and I made it to the preview event of the Lego Brick Zone at Watergardens ready for this year’s winter school holidays. Daniel excitedly got straight into some Lego building after spotting the colourful Lego Brick zone near Boost Juice.

We started our Lego morning off with some Spanish coffee (thank you Watergardens and Chocolateria San Churros!) and a tour with the officially certified Lego master builder, Ryan McNaught. The Brickman himself took us through a Lego treasure around the centre telling us stories of his Lego building adventures and interesting facts about his work displayed at Watergardens.

 IMG_4616Lego Love BoatIt took Ryan 6 months to complete The Love Boat (an ’80’s tv show set on a cruise ship) and with a cross section open to reveal tiny little rooms and compartments of the ship, Ryan has included 6 movie references within his labour of love (see if you can spot them!). Ryan spent 3 nights sitting in front of his tv building all the beds and bunk beds to furnish the cabins. This model is built solely with Lego blocks, with no glue being used to hold everything together. The Love Boat breaks up into 13 different sections so it is able to be transported around. 

IMG_4621Lego ElvisWith a 100,000 pieces of Lego, Ryan built this incredible model of “The Elvis” in under a month. This $25,000 model of the Erickson S-64 Air Crane famous for assisting in fighting fires here in Australia is strengthened with steel and is designed to be motorised.
IMG_4630Lego Opera HouseIMG_4634This Sydney Opera House model was one of my faves of the day due to fact that Ryan was able to construct the compound curves of the Opera House so well, with the help of an overseas co-worker. I also liked all the tiny little details from the grand piano concert to the wedding couple – so cute! This model is broken up into two sections in order to be able to be transported and is made from around 75,000 Lego bricks and 300 hours of work.
IMG_4641Lego Apollo 11Our final stop was at the enormous model of the Apollo 11 (the spaceflight with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin). 5.7 metres high and constructed from around 120,000 Ryan showed us some panels that were able to be opened and explained that this model is also designed to sue dry ice in order to add a dramatic launching effect 🙂 

Ryan McNaught is one of only 13 certified Lego professionals and has travelled the world with his creations even having works commissioned by Myer and David Jones. Imagine getting paid to make Lego models! Originally from the corporate world, Ryan is married with twins and loves making models that people can be inspired by and interact with. Daniel was so impressed with the huge Lego treasures in the shopping centre that when we got back to the Lego Brick Zone he hurriedly started trying to put Lego pieces together – the bigger Duplo ones of course.


We were also treated to a family friendly viewing of The Lego Movie which I had not seen before and we had such a great time, we were singing “everything is awesome” the whole ride home lol! If you’re looking for something to do with the kids (big and small) over the next few weeks make sure you check out Ryan’s labours of love displayed at Watergardens Shopping Centre. Maybe you’ll be inspired to do what you love…you never know where it can take you.


T-Rex Tuesday!


The Urban Ma and TRexThe Urban Ma kids take a photo in the egg

Dinosaur Adventures at Watergardens Town Centre – 399 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes
Monday 23rd September – Sunday 13th October 2013

We spent Sunday morning at the preview event as paleontologists searching for the dinosaurs at Watergardens with our animated tour guide Ranger Dino! It was so cute seeing all the little ones dressed in oversized lab coats and yellow safety hats. During the last school holidays the dinosaurs were living at Eastland and these September holidays they’ve migrated to Watergardens to fascinate and entertain the kids and adults alike across Melbourne.

We went for a walking tour around the centre with the kids eagerly holding onto their binoculars in order to be the first one to spot a dinosaur. We even took a detour out to the parking lot to see a smashed up car like the one in the Jurassic Park movie (I love that movie!). Back inside we learnt all about the dinosaurs including of course the mighty T-Rex. I think there was also one called Irritator? – but I got distracted watching all the kids’ faces light up I’m not sure if I heard that correctly! – Let me know if you find that one 🙂 We also watched a short educational video before the fossil digging began! With all the exploring, walking and learning we did, sandwiches and refreshments were devoured before our final stop at the giant egg for a photo! My favourite was seeing the Triceratops family – even the little baby ones were moving and roaring out loud!

Educational fun for everyone these September school holidays:

– Dinosaurs include T-Rex, Triceratops, Allosaurus, Dimetrodon, Parasaurolophus, and Styracosaurus
– Dino Library and bench for some light reading
– Fossil dig and shop
-Dino Tour with Ranger Dino (meet near Boost Juice)
– Dino photos with the Triceratops family
– don’t forget to grab a Dinosaur Treasure map to navigate your way through the centre and also on the back is the chance to win a $100 prize pack

Alyssa and her dinosaur fossil The Urban Ma jacqfruit Baby Jacqfruit getting his safety glasses on Paleontologists for a day The Urban Ma at Watergardens
The Urban Ma jacqfruit kids the urban ma dinosaurDinosaur Adventures tag

August Catch up’s #2!

Second catch up for the week was with really not my catch up but I tagged along with hubby for the chocolate at Max Brenner in Watergardens. While hubby caught up with an interstate friend about all things in the event world, I made my way through the chocolate fondue and it was oh so good! MB’s at Watergardens is always so packed with the line never failing to reach the door at the entrance but chocolate is worth the wait. As I type this I feel like taking the quick drive there now! Warm, smooth and sweet, it was a perfect way to end a Tuesday night after work.

Max Brenner’s chocolate fondue – as the melted chocolate was already sweet enough, I only had one marshmallow and opted for the fruit instead.

I kept myself busy by reading Twitter updates and reading “How to Legally Reduce Your Tax” on the iPad. Even though I love the smell and feel of physical books, it was so frustrating trying to find this book AND the lack of bookstores in the local shopping centre. It was so easy and convenient just to search for it online,click on “buy” as it was in my eager little hands ready to read in seconds -I should have turned to the net before I walked around for a few hours trying to find the book in the non-exsistent bookstores. Bring back BORDERS please!