Wellness Wednesdays – Getting to Know You

In case you missed my Instagram post earlier today, I’ve been tagged by a few people to share my #20factsaboutme so here it is!:

1. I was born here in Melbourne and have 2 wonderful kids (Birth story for H is here and I still have to write about D’s entry into this world!)

2. I met my husband at a band night & later auditioned to be in his dance crew by dancing in front of him and a few other dance crew members. They also “interviewed” me before they said yes ??? (Some of my dance related blog posts are here and here)

3. I used to hate green peas. I couldn’t stand seeing them all squished together in that foil packaging on the Red Rooster ads & I used to pick them out of my fried rice. I can eat them now – dunno what happened!

4. I gave birth to my son over the Westgate bridge in our car while my husband was speeding ?

5. My favourite subjects in high school were music, Japanese and Economics

6. My worst subject was Maths ?

7. The last book I read was “Something Other Than God” I couldn’t put it down!

8. I’m currently watching & loving is Parts Unknown

9. I first joined Rewind Dance Crew in 2001 & the last gig I danced with them was just last weekend at St Kilda Fest

10. My favourite perfume is by Annick Goutal. I also love Bombshell by VS (random I know ?)

11. I was extremely shy at school & didn’t like people using the words “nip” or “gook”. I think it ended up affected my self confidence

12. That all changed when I found dance at 19. You couldn’t keep me away from the stage and I talked so much I even ended up working in L&D as a facilitator for 7 years!

13. The hubby & I had 2 honeymoons ?

14. I have eczema & have had it since I was born ☹️

15. I started playing the piano since I was 7 & played violin for 2 years in high school. I really wanted to learn to play the saxophone but the violin was cheaper! ??

16. What I find attractive in people is old fashioned manners, being on time, passion and genuine kindness

17. I love my family & pretty much most of us live within 15mins of each other max including my aunties and uncles lol!

18. The next few places I want to visit are Iceland, Japan, the Philippines

19. If I won Tattslotto I’d buy an apartment in each of my fav cities. Then I’d give the rest to a charity that helps kids nurture their given talents.

20. I get excited about a lot of things!


What are 20 facts about you? I’d love to read them 🙂

Happy hump day and have a great rest of your week xx

Wellbeing Wednesday – Habits. Attitude.

The hubby got me into Michael Hyatt’s podcast over a year ago now. He always adds such a value and meaning and this week’s #wellbeingwednesday post is a quote he posted today.

Do you know someone who always seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Or someone who is always complaining about something? Positivity or negativity. The choice is theirs.

Wellbeing Wednesday – 6 things we love sharing with Toddler D


We took D out on the long weekend to the aquarium (post coming soon!) and apart from noticing all the cool sea creatures I also noticed how quickly he’d copy what other kids were saying and doing. 

“What the!?” and “Oh my God!” are just some of the things I heard him say for the first time ever and I freaked out. You might think that it’s nothing but hearing it come out of his mouth was very new to me – he is so young and innocent and cute and it just took me by surprise. 

I know he didn’t really know what he was saying, he was just copying other people, but it got me thinking. Thinking that I too need to watch what I say and do around him as he is constantly soaking up everything he sees. It’s so hard as a parent to know how and what to teach our kids (they will someday be future politicians, doctors, analysts, social workers etc!) that we can only do our best. 

So here are a few things we’ve been doing with D and he’s been loving it!


1) Staying active – Saturday mornings usually mean bicycle rides with Daddy and he loves it! He loves the wind in his face, the speed that they travel, seeing all the different things passing by like cars, dogs, ducks, and just spending time with his dad. He’s also started to watch me exercising and doing some pregnancy Pilates at home and the other day he handed me a jump rope and said “You exercise Mummy!” LOL! 

2) Enjoying the outdoors – any time we can we try to spend some time out in the fresh air and sunshine. Feels so good to be not always locked indoors especially during this winter season.

3) Growing veggies, herbs and fruits – I used to have a veggie patch with eggplants, brocolli, tomatoes and basil in abundance. That is, until Lando our dog joined the family. But now that he’s no longer a puppy he doesn’t dig around as much and so we decided we wanted D to see where food comes from. Our backyard is too small for chickens so we thought we’d get the veggie patch going again! Hopefully we’ll have some Dutch carrots, broccoli, leek and kale sprouting up in the next few months! 

4) Sharing meals together – we always eat dinner as a family, it’s just something my parents always practiced with us and D loves it! Except for when he wants to play with his cars. But luckily he’s such a great water and what other way to bond than around food! 🙂 

5) Giving thanks – I posted about D’s night time routine of reading, prayers and saying thanks and I got a lot of positive feedback about it. Never too young to start and it’s so amazing to hear what he’s thankful for each night. Sometimes he’s thankful for his mummy and daddy and aunties, sometimes it’s for his cars and sometimes it’s for random things like his bedroom door, or the light or our hands! Blessed! It makes me thankful too when I hear him say thanks for the little things because it reminds me how lucky we all are to have a door to keep us warm and readily available light at the flick of a switch! (If you missed that post you can read it here. Share what you or your kids are thankful for! – I’d love to hear it!!) #graceandthanks

6) Showing care and love towards others – D is lucky to have a lot of family and friends around him and we hope the closeness between everyone is a constant in his life. Showing affection and communicating with each other strengthens these bonds which hopefully gives D a strong foundation as he starts to build his own friendships and relationships with others – including any pets and the environment.

What are some of the little things you do with the people you care about? 

Wellbeing Wednesdays – Little moments


If you missed my post on Monday you can check it out here!

The above quote sums it up nicely.

Be grateful for the little things because when you’re sick in bed, or feeling your worst, it’s the little things that will put a smile on your face and make your day brighter and less blue 🙂

#wellbeingwednesday – What’s a quote that has motivated or inspired you lately?