Mama Mondays – Starting off on the right foot

Bobux Melbourne launch attendees

 Mr D, Little Miss H and I were among twenty-two adults and eighteen young cuties that spent a fun-filled morning with New Zealand footwear company, Bobux at their rebranding and launch event of their Play range of kids footwear. As you can imagine, with that many little ones running around and excited parents chatting away the Together Fit gym, the morning was alive with energy and buzz.

The moment we arrived Mr D just wanted to head straight to the refreshments and nutritious wholefoods catering by Heal.Thy Self Co as if he hadn’t just had breakfast. However as soon as he was fitted a pair of fresh new kicks from the Blaze range, he was ready for some play time. I gave Mr D the option to choose the colour #IWalkBlaze he wanted to get and without hesitation or even looking at the other colours, he went straight for the green high tops. Green is his favourite colour and the pair he picked were a vibrant green, with the pretty colours of pink and purple on the sides in the image of a finch.


p style=”text-align: center;”>IMG_9314Instead of face painting, he wanted a Monster Mutt monster truck painted on his hand.
Shoe fitting Bobux Melbourne relaunchBlaze Hi Finch BobuxHe’s been wearing these almost everyday since he got them!

His new pair of kicks are super comfortable and so stylish that I saw the lightness in his step as soon as he put them on! I was curious to find out more about the design after hearing Bobux representative Greg Parmenter speak about the Bobux brand, their values and research kids foot development. So I went on their website and found that the reasons why Mr D seemed more agile, speedy and stable on his feet!

– Super lightweight due to the flexible Tetraform rubber! It only weighs 92 grams per shoe so he is able to climb and run a lot more swiftly than before. No more limited coordination – more lightness and flexibility.

– Each shoe has an animal graphic on it which helps Mr D put them on the right way – he was always getting muddled up and putting his shoes on the wrong foot but now he knows the finch goes in the middle!

–  The extended micro armour toe cap means more abrasion resistance for more extreme play


p style=”text-align: center;”>- The custom tread on the Blaze shoes are inspired by Formula 1 tyre tread and designed for good grip on heel plant and toe drive (Mr D totally tested this out in the playground, zoo and playcentre. No trips or falls for him.)
IMG_9304 IMG_9303Hmmm I wish they came in adult sizes…his Blaze pair look a million times comfier than my pointy pumps!

There was a fun photobooth, gym equipment for the kids to play around with, friendly staff that helped out with any questions, amazing food and drinks and face painting! It was a great way to spend our weekday morning and being so close to the beach, we headed out to Williamstown afterwards because Mr D wanted to see the yachts and run along the pier.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or expected, but seeing Daniel move so differently with them on made me think we’re on to a good thing here, why not share. 
Bobux goodie bagsThanks for the amazing goodie bag! Such quality itemsBobux Be Young The Urban Ma blogLove their simple, grey and white design.

Does your kid have a favourite pair of shoes? If so, comment below so we can try them out too!
Do they have a pair of Bobux shoes? I’m thinking of getting Daniel a pair of the black or brown Outback ones! Let me know if you have any others from their range and what you think of them.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. If you’re on Instagram you can find my daily updates here 🙂


P.S You can use the discount code Media_Pass when ordering Bobux shoes online to get free shipping! 

Williamstown Farmers Markets


Williamstown Farmers Markets 
2nd Sunday of every month 9-1pm
Commonwealth Reserve, Williamstown

Last month Mr D and I rugged up and headed out to the Williamstown Farmers Market. There were a variety of stalls offering fresh local produce. Mr D got so excited to see the little petting farm in the middle of the market and he happily watched the ducks and sheep playing around.

We got some of the delectable Kwak scrolls for morning tea and stopped by the fresh juice stall, Babou. I asked Mr D what type of juice he wanted and I thought he’d totally pick the orange juices but he said, “I want the green juice!”. What a healthy little boy 🙂


Life Lately – the start of 2015


Day 1 and 2 – The first meal of 2015 was some ham and a bowl of arroz-caldo (a Filipino rice soup with chicken and ginger-flavored broth) at mum’s house after watching bursts of colorful fireworks just outside – Mr D squealed with so much excitement at the unexpected explosions! Day 2 was production-line time as we helped my brother prepare for his wedding with over 250 name tags, goody bags, cupcakes being carefully assembled one by one. When all was done we took a train into the city to go through a last rehearsal at Passion Dance Studio – the bride and groom had a couple of special dance numbers in store for their guests 🙂 We then had an eventful night staying over at Crown Promenade.

Day 3 – Eat, drink and be married! I love how the two photos above show the two sides to our day – looking all pro in the top photo whilst behind the scenes it was super hot and windy! The fierce weather didn’t stop us from celebrating a beautiful ceremony at the Fitzroy gardens before partying it up with good music, food and drink at Taylors Lakes reception. For more pics of the day check out my Instagram feed!2015/01/img_9350.jpg

Day 4 – Time to relax. We took Mr D swimming at the hotel pool before spending some time with family friends who had come from Las Vegas to attend the wedding. I love how these milestones in life always bring loved ones together and what better way to reconnect than over a delicious home-cooked meal by my dad!2015/01/img_9351.jpg

Day 5 – Playing Melbourne tour guide. Domaine Chandon and a stop over at Yarra Valley Dairy cafe was bliss on a gorgeous day. Enough said.

2015/01/img_93521.jpgDay 6 – Grateful for thoughtful friends and their brunchtime invite. Duchess of Spotswood. Devoured a Prince of Wales. 2015/01/img_9430.jpgDay 7 – A happy day. Brunch in Williamstown. A walk in the park. A visit to the NGV. Shopping at Emporium Melbourne and dinner with the family.2015/01/img_9354.jpgDay 8 – Back to work. Maths and science books at the post office. A new cafe. Vintage posters at the Salvo’s. A dinner date and finger lickin’ good dishes at Mr Miyagi. Loved the music too! Reminded me of the Next Blue days 😉2015/01/img_9355.jpg

Day 9 – Dumplings galore at China Red for a farewell dinner as a friend moves overseas for work. Always love catching up with my dance family, Rewind.

2015/01/img_9356.jpgWeekend – Fried chicken and a visit to grandma’s to spend time with my aunty and uncle who were visiting from London!

2015/01/img_9357.jpgDay 12 – 14 – Work fridge looking full with lunches from home – looks like everyone is going well with their new year resolutions of either eating healthy or saving money! Took Father Noel out for a belated birthday dinner. Love Longrain’s braised pork and dessert platter.


Day 15-17 – A stroll after work down to South Wharf – such a nice, little walk along the river! Hadn’t walked down this side of Melbourne before! Attended the media call for Strictly Ballroom and was blown away by the sequins, music, dancing and Baz. The performances were so energetic and uplifting, I just wanted to dance in the aisles – and that was only after seeing a snippet of the show! You can get your tickets here! Attended the Blogger BBQ at The Park, Albert Park and got to catch up with some fellow bloggers. It was nice to be able to chat face-to-face 🙂 Beautiful stained glass windows of St Francis’ church on Londsdale st.2015/01/img_9400.jpg

Sunday selfies with this little guy. Along the Yarra outside Crown, we lazed around in the Sportshub enjoying live acoustic music and a cup of Movenpick icecream! Cozy outdoor lounge settings and beanbags. A perfect start to the year.

What have you been up to lately? Hope it’s been a happy and healthy start to 2015 – xx –

Mummy Mondays – 5 tips for a beautiful Saturday stroll

The Urban Ma Williamstown tennisCrowded House coffee Williamstown

Saturdays in Spring 

 Saturday morning music lessons in Williamstown followed by a coffee from Crowded House and a stroll down to the tennis courts. This has been our Saturday morning ritual the past several weeks and with the sun shining so brilliantly yesterday we took D around to the other side of the bay. Airplanes, skaters, bicycles, sand, people. waves, motorbikes and cars were just some of the words our little man proclaimed loud and proud as a myriad of activities unfolded in front of him. It’s so beautiful seeing how much D appreciates and is amazed by the simple things. It was also helpful parking far from the main area as it helped me reach my daily goal of 10,000 steps for my Steptember challenge before it even hit 1pm 🙂 Walking and taking in the sights of the St Kilda area was a perfect way to spend and make the most of a sunny Melbourne spring day.

Crowded House on Urbanspoon
Crowded House Williamstown The Urban MaWalking DWilliamstown view of MelbourneThe picturesque view of Melbourne city from Williamstown

Williamstown MelbourneSt Kilda beach
The Urban Ma at RepublicaSoothing outdoor swingtime with Baby D
Lunch with DThe chicken and corn pizza special with chipotle mayo. The roasted beetroot, pumpkin and lentils with goats cheese was divine!

Republica St Kilda Beach on Urbanspoon
the Urban Ma blog RepulicaThe Urban Ma outdoor funAt first he was unsure. It didn’t take too long til he was enjoying the sand in between his toes and running around trying to use the shovels, buckets and trucks that some other kids were playing with. Note to self – keep some beach toys in the car from now on!

D at St Kilda BeachThe Republica St KildaVictoria Gardens, RichmondAfter beach time, it was home decor shopping at Ikea. We didn’t even get up the stairs when Baby D started squealing “Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen!!!”. I LOVE seeing him get so excited

Note to self for sunny Saturdays in spring:

1) Bring a spare pair of shorts and thongs for playing in the beach
2) Bring some beach toys for D to play with in the sand
3) Always bring a water bottle and some snacks
4) Always carry a scarf and warm cardigan (Melbourne’s sun can be deceiving – it got a bit chilly under the shade while we were having lunch, no wonder all the tables in the sun were full!)
5) Enjoy the simple things – the crisp, fresh air, the sights, a leisurely stroll

Life Lately #5 – Springtime sunshine

anniversary roses The Urban MaIMG_0890

You wouldn’t have picked it from today’s rainy antics but along with the glistening rain, we’ve also already been able to enjoy quite a few days of glorious sunshine here in Melbourne as spring returns. As usual we did a lot of eating, playing and exploring and I also got to meet and catch up with some fellow Melbourne bloggers.  Lately I’ve also gotten the hang of making sure I purposefully close off some days on my calendar so I can just breathe and just…be! Instead of saying yes to every single thing, I have been able to say no leaving me more time to spend doing things I really like. My little Baby D has also recently been sick with his first real cold and this, plus his teething had me suffering from sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Thankfully Baby D has gotten back into the swing of things and is now sleeping quite well again.

Here are some things we got up to in the recent weeks!:

– 1st birthdays galore (post coming up soon on our friend’s dress up party!),
– bloggers events see here, here and here,
Culture Mamas Go Go dancing event (so much fun and I was sweating by the end of it!),
– eating out (Flower Drum, Trailer Park food trucks, Lil Nomnoms food truck, the Winter night market at Vic Market, truffles in Footscray at Guerilla Espresso), Burger Culture)
– also tried cooking pho at home for the first time but I think next time I’ll use stock to lift the flavour a little more!
– attended the open day at Passion Dance Studio and did a KPop dance class!
– celebrated our wedding anniversary and finally got to try Mamasita (we were baby-free for the night, hence the opportunity to wait in line for places that don’t take bookings)
– attended the launch night of council Leadership Alumni and had a lovely night networking with people passionate about making a difference in the community
– attended a Motivating Mum and SheSays event (I love meeting and learning from an array of motivated individuals),
– lots of family time and celebrating Wes’ first fathers day!
– took the dogs to Lort Smith Animal Hospital for a check up (two dogs and a baby in one car equals headache!!)
– did a “little” bit of shopping! (see post here, here and here)
– watched Baby D grow more confident in standing on his own, clapping his hands , pointing to objects we ask about and listened to him turn into a lovely little chatterbox! 🙂

So thankful for life’s everyday blessings -xx-

What everyday blessings are you thankful for?

IMG_9877 IMG_9873 IMG_9881 IMG_9883 IMG_9912IMG_4307[1]IMG_4358[1] IMG_4381[1]Baby's 1st cold - The Urban Ma - JacqfruitIMG_4511[1]
morning view

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Winter Weekend fun! – Markets and festivals


IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0533 IMG_0536 IMG_0547 IMG_0550 IMG_0544 IMG_0552 IMG_0553 IMG_0554IMG_0560IMG_0558

Slow Food Farmers Market – Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers st, Abbotsford

Every fourth Saturday of the month

The sun was shining so we embraced the crisp winter morning and went for a wander through the Slow Food farmers market. It was bustling with families, dogs and plastic-free shoppers lapping up the fresh fruit, meat and veg for sale. Baby D made some friends with Zac and a little lab x named Forest who was rescued from the dogs’ home. I got excited to see truffles and also brussel sprouts because for some reason I never knew they grew like that (see pics above)! I had also never tried a cauliflower or cardoon fritter before and boy were+- they good! Will try to make some this week and see how I go.

We got our dose of vitamin D whilst eating pies and croissants from the Convent bakery and also enjoyed a berry lamington from the MoVida Bakery stall. There’s something special about being up early in the morning and catching that first wave of freshness in the air, and it’s even more special when you’re spending it with good company and good food.

Williamstown Toddler, Tweens and Teens Festival 2013

Face painting, a talent quest, farm animals, basketball games and book signings were just some of the things happening down in Ferguson street, Williamstown for the Toddler, Tweens and Teens Festival. It was great to see lots of kids outside all rugged up and enjoying a day outdoors with their parents and friends! There were a few activity stalls and dance schools MDX and The Dream Academy were there too. Baby D loved the little petting farm in the middle with a piglet and the cutest little lamb 🙂

When we first got there I thought “Is this all?” There were a handful of stalls and one main stage. But walking around and seeing all the excited little faces and huge, happy smiles I was brought back down and remembered it’s the simple things. It’s the simple things that can excite a little toddler and baby and it’s a simple smile or hand reaching out in awe that can make us parents feel so fulfilled. Seeing Baby D’s eyes widen at the sight of the ducks quacking and piglet snorting was so cute! And slowly the more I looked around the more I appreciated how special these festivals can be as they create lifelong memories that our kids will cherish. So get up, get dressed, and get out there and enjoy the wonderful world around you! <3

IMG_0566 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0570 IMG_0571

Long weekend shenanigans

IMG_0308 IMG_0307 IMG_0309IMG_0310IMG_0311IMG_0332

Dos Diablos food truck, Pollo and carnitas tacos, Digging for Frire BBQ (DFFBBQ) Kitchen food truck, This Little Piggy roll, the spunky ones at the Lacrosse tournament, fish and chips at Williamstown’s Top of the Bay.

This long weekend…!

Food, food and more food is what we got up to this long weekend! I wish I could say I got some sleep in there too but no, these bags under my eyes aren’t Prada. I miss my sleep…hopefully the little one’s first tooth will cut through soon.

First time trying out Dos Diablos and I just had a bite of the better half’s tacos – yummy chicken taco was full of flavor, only wish it was a little bigger. I headed over to the DFFBBQ guys to try their pork roll and enjoyed the chunky fillings and pineapple and chilli relish. Always great service from these fellas! 🙂 There was also a stall serving freshly squeezed orange juice and the kind man gave us a free bag of mandarins as we walked passed!

Yesterday we headed over to Williamstown for some fish and chips, or in my case, scallop and chips (I lurrve scallops!) with the family and even though it was a chilly Melbourne afternoon, we had a great time just hanging out on our picnic rug enjoying Top of the Bay’s flake, scallops and prawns. This place has been a long time favourite of our’s and after not visiting for a while because it seemed like scallops had shrunken in size, they’re back, bigger and juicier than ever!

We finished the weekend with something sweet – Dolce Latte and Creme Caramel flavored ice cream from Capriccio One.

I also ate more than my weight in Filipino food at my aunty’s big 50th birthday bash on the weekend but my camera ran out of battery so sorry but no pics 🙁 I’m still enjoying some take home birthday cake – sooooooo good! Ube flavored with macapuno filling in the middle – Leslie I need more! You’re baking is amazing!

I guess I’ll just have to work it hard at the gym and rehearsals this week! ;P